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 ISCS(International Spinal Cord Society)の機関誌「Spinal Cord」の2004年1月号以降の目次(Table of contents)、および要約(Abstracts)をNature社の無料公開されているホームページ(www.nature.com/sc )から紹介していく。

〔2004年7月5日 日本せきずい基金事務局〕

 ★ Jan.−June 2004の目次

June 2004, Volume 42, Number 6
■ Table of contents

325 Towards improved clinical and physiological assessments of recovery in spinal cord injury: a clinical initiative
338 Electromotive drug administration of lidocaine to anesthetize the bladder before botulinum-A toxin injections into the detrusor
342 Intra-operative monitoring in scoliosis surgery with multi-pulse cortical stimuli and desflurane anesthesia
346 Electromechanical gait training with functional electrical stimulation: case studies in spinal cord injury
353 Length of stay in hospital following spinal cord lesions in Israel
359 Patterns of morbidity and rehospitalisation following spinal cord injury
368 Three-dimensional images for surgical plan of giant sacral schwannoma
371 Neurological improvement and rehabilitation potential following toxic myelopathy due to intrathecal injection of doxorubicin
374 Spinal epidural hematoma associated with streptokinase treatment for myocardial infarction
378 Spontaneous corynebacterium discitis in a patient with chronic renal failure

May 2004, Volume 42, Number 5
267 Intravesical therapy options for neurogenic detrusor overactivity
273 International Campaign for Cures of Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis (ICCP): another step forward for spinal cord injury research
281 Temporal differences in relative phasing of gait initiation and first step length in patients with cervical and lumbosacral spinal cord injuries
290 Microvascular instability in tetraplegic patients: preliminary observations
294 Tetraplegia Hand Activity Questionnaire (THAQ): the development,assessment of arm-hand function-related activities in tetraplegic patients with a spinal cord injury
302 Client-centred assessment and the identification of meaningful treatment goals for individuals with a spinal cord injury
308 Pseudo-tumours of the urinary tract in patients with spinal cord injury-spina bifida
313 Lumbar spinal angiolipomas: report of two cases and review of the literature
317 Dantrolene and pleural effusion: case report and review of literature
321 Brucellar spondylitis: a rare cause of spinal cord compression

April 2004, Volume 42, Number 4
209 Measurement in spinal cord injury
211 Reinnervation of the neurogenic bladder in the late period of the spinal cord trauma
218 Comparison between dopaminergic agents and physical exercise as treatment for periodic limb movements in patients with spinal cord injury
222 Isokinetic shoulder rotator muscles in wheelchair athletes
230 Bacteriological investigation of infected pressure ulcers in spinal cord-injured patients and impact on antibiotic therapy
235 Epidural metastatic spinal cord compression: functional outcome and survival after inpatient rehabilitation
240 Work-related tetraplegia: cause of injury and annual medical costs
248 Services provided following compensable work-related tetraplegia
261 Venous hypertensive myelopathy as a potential mimic of transverse myelitis
265 The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring

March 2004, Volume 42, Number 3
141 Speed of sound in bone at the tibia: is it related to lower limb bone mineral density in spinal-cord-injured individuals?
146 Implantation of the Freehand System? during initial rehabilitation using minimally invasive techniques
156 Level walking and ambulatory capacity in persons with incomplete spinal cord injury: relationship with muscle strength
163 Bladder epithelium is abnormal in patients with neurogenic bladder due to myelomeningocele
169 Perceived outcomes and utilization of upper extremity surgical reconstruction in individuals with tetraplegia at model spinal cord injury systems
177 Vocational reintegration following spinal cord injury: expectations, participation and interventions
185 Role of NMDA receptor activation in serotonin agonist-induced air-stepping in paraplegic mice
191 Reduced sodium output following acute spinal injury
199 Primary malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the cauda equina in a child case report
204 Hyponatremia-induced transient visual disturbances in acute spinal cord injury

February 2004, Volume 42, Number 2
59 Noninvasive assessment of the injured human spinal cord by means of functional magnetic resonance imaging
67 Lumbar repetitive magnetic stimulation reduces spastic tone increase of the lower limbs
73 Levels of brain wave activity (8?13 Hz) in persons with spinal cord injury
80 Motor capacities of upper limbs in tetraplegics: a new scale for the assessment of the results of functional surgery on upper limbs
91 Submaximal physical strain and peak performance in handcycling versus handrim wheelchair propulsion
99 Characteristics of radiogenic lower motor neurone disease, a possible link with a preceding viral infection
106 Urethral cultures in patients with spinal cord injury
110 Bladder-filling sensation in patients with spinal cord injury and the potential for sensation-dependent bladder emptying
117 Spinal cord compression in beta-thalassemia: case report and review of the literature
124 Painful Schmorl's node treated by lumbar interbody fusion
129 Abnormal bony protuberance of anterior atlas causing dysphagia. A rare congenital anomaly

January 2004, Volume 42, Number 1
1 Providing the clinical basis for new interventional therapies: refined diagnosis and assessment of recovery after spinal cord injury
7 Calculus anuria in a spina bifida patient, who had solitary functioning kidney and recurrent renal calculi
14 Muscle activation during unilateral stepping occurs in the nonstepping limb of humans with clinically complete spinal cord injury
24 Fat oxidation at different intensities in wheelchair racing
29 Post-traumatic moderate systemic hypothermia reduces TUNEL positive cells following spinal cord injury in rat
35 Gross quantitative measurements of spinal cord segments in human
41 Shoulder pain and its consequences in paraplegic spinal cord-injured, wheelchair users
47 Does the neuronal plasticity exist in elderly patients? report of an unusual clinical case
50 Efficacy of intrathecal morphine in the treatment of baclofen tolerance in a patient on intrathecal baclofen therapy (ITB)
52 Intradural disc mimicking: a spinal tumor lesion
55 Professor Heinrich Sebastian Frenkel: a forgotten founder of Rehabilitation Medicine
57 Milk of calcium in urethral diverticulum in a male patient with paraplegia and suprapubic urinary drainage